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And these secrets not only reveal how to
RESTORE THE BODY YOU WANT, but how to keep that body – for good!

I know, a ceiling fan sounds strange, but in a minute it will make complete sense and you will understand why women across North America are flocking to the deceptively simple

and are using it to reclaim the body they somehow lost while raising a family!

Hi, I’m Karen, and if you’re like me, you’ve tried dieting before. Plenty of times. Sure, I lost a few pounds. But my weight would yo-yo right back to where it was – sometimes even more!
Either the latest diet I was trying was too hard to stick with… or the cravings got to be too much… or my busy life just got in the way.

Maybe you’re like I was then. I can look back and I know EXACTLY what kept me from feeling good about my body.

All this stacked up and made me feel a little hopeless,
which I can now admit, sort of robbed my motivation.
I knew I wanted to look and feel healthier, but I just seemed to put off thinking about it because I had so much else to worry about.

If any of that sounds familiar, then PLEASE –
listen to what I’m about to tell you, because
it DOESN’T have to be that way!
I want to tell you the incredible journey that led me to the creator of
a SIMPLE, 21-day plan designed to reverse all this and more.

What I’m about to share with you is a plan I discovered ALMOST BY ACCIDENT that doesn’t FEEL like a diet at all…
Custom designed by a Registered Dietician, specifically for busy women just like us. A plan that every single day subconsciously
PROPELS you toward the figure you want without you even realizing it, by helping you:

But first I promised to share with you the 3 SECRETS to weight loss for busy moms that we can learn from a ceiling fan, of all things!

Not knowing these 3 secrets kept me in the cycle of diet failure for years. And when I finally learned them, in one Ah-Ha moment it changed my body (and life) for good, as I’ll explain in just a minute.

Because let’s face it: us women with families MUST organize our days around BALANCE
otherwise nothing would get done, and the family would be going in 12 directions at once!
And anything you introduce that throws off this balance will never fit in long term.

Here’s an example:
Think about the last time a school had to close unexpectedly, even for just ONE day. What do all the parents suddenly do?

Something extra drops into our carefully balanced daily routine and suddenly EVERYONE’S day gets thrown off balance.

It’s just like that ceiling fan.
Can you imagine it spinning with something EXTRA suddenly strapped onto one of the blades that wasn’t normally there?
The whole thing would wobble so badly it would tear itself right off the fixture!

Well, it’s no different when trying to add something new to your life, like a diet.
That’s why any program for weight loss MUST complement the existing balance in your life.
If it adds too much to your already hectic world,
it won’t be very long before it fails.
That’s why fitting into your existing busy life is one of the key features
that the whole 21-Day Weight Loss Code was designed around. I’ll show you how in just a minute.

Take that fan for example: you just flip a switch and it starts.
Ok, maybe you have to walk over and pull a chain, but you don’t have to research wiring and circuits and voltage.
Sure, somebody had to figure all that out – just ONCE!

It’s the same with a highly effective approach to weight loss!
Honestly, most of the information for weight loss is already out there,
but it’s confusing, and contradictory, and scattered all over in different sources.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to have to do tons of research to create a weight loss program that fits my busy life as a mom.
What works best for the busy lives of women like you and me is an EASY to follow plan that takes us by the hand and just lays out what to do.
Oh, and wouldn’t it be even better if it was designed by a Registered Dietician?
With a diploma from the International Olympic Committee!

If you’ve ever tried a week or more on a diet and didn’t see much difference,
you can probably remember feeling ready to give up and try something else you hoped would work better. Nobody can blame you for that.
Can you imagine turning on a ceiling fan and then watching it take an HOUR to slowly start rotating and finally get up to speed?
I can tell you, it wouldn’t take me long to find a better way to cool off a room!

And trust me, I became an EXPERT at trying to
find a better way to lose weight! I didn’t have a choice really, because when it comes to diets, I saw more failure than success.
Honestly, I failed and failed and failed. It was so embarrassing!
I would start a new diet with high hopes – and of course tell my girlfriends, knowing they would give me moral support.
So naturally when I saw them again they couldn’t help but ask.

And I couldn’t lie, so I had to tell them it didn’t work.

Sure, I lost a few pounds up front – mostly water – but then it would taper off and I would be back to square one.
And so I would blame myself. Which of course now I realize is absolutely the WRONG thing to do.
Because once I did my research I learned it’s almost ALWAYS some problem with the diet.

You see, here’s what I discovered: The reason most of us quit a diet is NOT because we lack willpower. It’s because we’re not seeing rewards CONSISTENTLY enough to justify the effort!

Look, if I’m going to make ANY change – whether it’s in my grocery shopping, what I cook, what I eat, or even taking the stairs – it better deliver!
I’ve got too much going on in my world to “try stuff out” just for fun!
And that’s when I had the AH-HA! moment that turned everything around. It isn’t about willpower at all!
I realized that every diet I had tried (and failed at) either:

Right then and there I decided on 3 TESTS that any weight loss program MUST PASS or I wouldn’t waste my time on it. A diet is only worth my attention if it:

There was only one problem.

I hadn’t seen anything like that yet! Why else would I be the queen of diet failure? And THAT’S when I got serious and started talking to nutrition professionals.
They confirmed what I already knew from my own experience. One nutritionist told me flat out:

One registered dietician even revealed
the dirty little secret of popular diets.
She asked me,

That’s when I knew I wasn’t going to find a weight loss program that would pass all three of my tests – at least not from the traditional sources.
I was almost ready to give up completely, when I decided to go back and ask one more question of the experts I had been learning from.
So I called up the smartest, most successful expert I had been in touch with so far:
Alina Petre. She’s:

I told Alina about my 3 tests for a successful weight loss program, about the various diets I had tried so far, and all my failures.

And she agreed – it WASN’T my fault.

Well, I knew I could afford to hire Alina for myself.
But what about all my friends who couldn’t afford her?
And I thought to myself,
“What about all those women juggling a family and job,
who try these fad diets and then
instead of inches they lose their self-esteem?”
It made me a little angry at all those magazine publishers!
And that’s when I got bold.
I asked Alina if she could create a program –
not just for me, but for all my friends
who shared the same busy lifestyle.

I was pretty sure she would say no.
After all, she wants individual clients, not one woman who will give away her formula for success.
But to my surprise Alina said YES!
On one condition.

You see, Alina knew something about human nature from all her experience.

Well, I agreed to her one condition – and Alina went to work!
It took her awhile, and in a minute you’ll see why!
But as soon as I had her incredible new plan in front of me,
I got right to it.

I don’t know about you, but when I can SEE myself
lose an entire pound of body fat EVERY WEEK… I can visualize dragging around a whole lot less ugly fat on my body.

THAT got me excited! But would it last?

Well, within no time I had already shed half the fat that I wanted to lose!
It turns out that the plan Alina designed for me showed
unmistakable results in the very first week,
and then kept the rewards coming over the entire 21 days.

My friends couldn’t believe it! They knew how many times I had tried and failed.
So when I recommended my new weight loss plan – they didn’t hesitate a minute.
And guess what? Every one of them that walked through the guide and followed the program –
they not only LOVED the delicious food and the simplicity, but they were excited by the results too.
(Not to mention how much their husbands liked what they saw!)

And by then I was feeling great, too! Not just physically, but mentally.
Just having something that FINALLY WORKED had restored my confidence!
And when the weight stayed off I realized that I had changed some of my cooking and eating habits – without even knowing it – and I had more energy EVERY DAY.
Suddenly I was eager to accomplish other things in my life that I had been putting off forever – things that had nothing to do with weight loss.

I went back to the pool and the water aerobics class I had stopped attending.

I completed a painting that lay half-finished in my closet for 5 years.

And when I was trying on some of my favorite clothes (that I hadn’t fit into for years), I remembered the outfit I wore to the job interview that landed my current position. That’s when I realized – I hadn’t received a raise in two years!
So, I got up the nerve and went in the next day and
asked for a raise – and got it!
My manager hardly even blinked!
I never would have had the guts to do that before losing this weight!

When I realized all the powerful changes the plan had made in my life and for my friends, THAT’S when I knew:
I just had to share my incredible new program!

Today there are so many women who are using my exclusive system
and THRILLED with their new body and the confidence that goes with it.
I feel like I’m actually making a difference in the world again!
Look, if you are tired of the same old results and same old body,
maybe it’s time you tried something different,
something that really works.

But honestly, if you won’t change your routine,
try a few different meals, and make some effort like Alina was talking about,
then you’ll have to stay with the body you have now –
the body you may have already started to accept as your new “normal.”
If you’re not willing to make SOME changes,
then this program is simply not for you and you might as well close this page now.

BUT, if you feel that this is the time of your life when you really DO want to make a change, then here’s your chance. Let me introduce you to the new you!

I’ve already showed you how this plan was specifically designed for women just like you and me –
to work with the BALANCE in our lives,
to be super EASY to follow, and
provide both rapid and ongoing RESULTS you can see and feel.
And relax, because this is not about watching a “Bootcamp” instructor
show off her abs of steel and flip her ponytail in our face!
This is the program for us women who just want to feel good about ourselves again,
and get a few compliments from our spouse.
What we want is not a diet, but a SHIFT that works for us long term.
That’s why the Weight Loss Code is for the rest of us –
we’re busy with our job, and our family, and shopping and laundry and… our life!
We want to eat dinner with our family,
not spend time cooking separate meals for ourselves.
And who has time to spend an hour or more in the gym every day?
If that sounds about right, then you are going to LOVE
The 21-Day Weight Loss Code

Now before we dive into the details, it’s important to know that The 21-Day Weight Loss Code is NOT designed to just focus on losing weight incredibly fast.
You probably know that could set you up to revert back to your old habits once you’re past these 21 days. That’s what happened to me for years before I had this program developed.
Instead, it takes you on a journey that creates new habits, within the existing balance of your life.

Step by step, it will have you feeling FITTER, ENERGIZED and more CONFIDENT,
armed with the tools needed for you to continue on this path
until you’ve crossed the finish line,
whether your goal is 20 pounds or 200.
You can repeat the program once a month for as long as you like.
As I mentioned, the 21-Day Weight Loss Code was carefully created for busy women just like us.

It was designed EXCLUSIVELY for Our Divine Life by Alina Petre (MSc, RD) and her credentials say it all:

When I learned that Alina has dedicated her scientific background
to help women achieve vibrant health
by finding the right balance in their lives
through their diet and nutrition habits –
it’s no wonder that The 21-Day Weight Loss Code worked so well for me!

What you’ll see is that the Weight Loss Code is NOT a giant diet book with tons of boring statistics and studies
– if you’re like most women I know, we don’t have time for all that fluff.
Instead, it condenses the information you REALLY need
into a straightforward STEP-BY-STEP action plan,
spreading the knowledge you need over 21 days so you’re NEVER overwhelmed.

The main guide is called
The 21-Day Weight Loss Code and it’s organized perfectly to guarantee your success.
It includes
21 COMPLETE DAILY PLANS (Alina normally charges her clients for these).
Every day is designed with:

But I desperately want to make sure that you don’t stay stuck like I was and don’t pass up the new body and renewed confidence that I’ve seen so many women already experience.
So if you click below and order TODAY while you are on this page, I’ll include BONUSES that ensure you not only lose the flab, but have more ENERGY and FUN while doing it!
These aren’t normally included, but if you order while on this screen you get these
powerful bonuses to ensure you succeed:

Best of all, each dessert recipe shows full and half portion measurements (no kitchen math needed). Armed with this, we won’t fall prey to sugary cravings ever again!

This means you can have the 21-Day Code in your hands immediately.
Just click the Order button below and in less than 2 minutes you will have the entire 21-Day Weight Loss Code:

Imagine, waking up in the morning with more energy, eating more of what you want all day long, even satisfying your sweet tooth and still enjoying happy hour with your friends.
Look, I want you to finally get back the figure, and image, and confidence, you’ve wanted for so long, just like I did.
And I know this plan holds the key to that.
Click the Order button below and the entire program is yours.

You know, I could keep telling you about how great The 21-Day Weight Loss Code is, how it gives you everything you need for rapid AND sustainable weight loss, to reclaim the body you want in spite of your hectic life.
But the bottom line is this: The 21-Day Weight Loss Code works, and not only does it really work,
it was designed with YOU in mind!

So what are you waiting for? You WON’T find any other program 100% TAILORED for busy families and the challenges we face.

Click the Order button to get your Weight Loss Code today, and start making delicious healthy meals for the whole family tomorrow!

Listen, I completely understand you may want to review the program in more detail,
and I WANT you to do that.
So I’m going to take on ALL the risk if you will just try the Weight Loss Code.
If you order while you are on this page, you are covered by our 100% no-nonsense 60-Day Guarantee. That means you must be COMPLETELY comfortable with using the program and keeping it.

Just send me an email with “REFUND” as the Subject and I will immediately return your money, no questions asked.

In fact, if for ANY REASON you try the plan and

All you have to do is click the “Order” button you see below,
and the “you” that has been taking a back seat to a hectic family life finally gets to win again!

Look, at this point I think you know you really have two ways you could go:

Listen, I’ve seen (and tried) a lot of diets,
and I have NEVER found a plan more perfectly designed for us busy women.
You know from experience if you leave without downloading all these full color materials,
you will NEVER find time to come back to this page again, am I right?
You also know that TODAY is the day you can make a difference in your life
and that you are WORTH it!

Click the “Order” button below
and say hello to the beautiful you that has been waiting for the RIGHT program to finally come along.

Say goodbye to the guilt from every diet that failed you so far…
goodbye to just hoping for things to change… most importantly,
goodbye to the flab and the low energy and the embarrassment.
So go ahead. Order now and get ready to enjoy that body you never thought you would see, ever again!

P.S. Don’t forget – the risk is all on me, not you. You could be starting tonight to make that change you’ve always wanted. Come on. What are you waiting for?

P.S.S. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to hearing about the compliments you get and how great it feels to finally make the changes you’ve been wanting!
Click that button and I’ll see you on the other side with a brief message that I’ve shared with my closest friends!

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Click here to get 21 Day Weight Loss Code at discounted price while it’s still available…

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21 Day Weight Loss Code is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.