Loose Weight

Really Losing Weight

A Look at What Does and What Doesn’t Work for Weight Loss

The key to losing weight is roughly a question of restricting your calorie intake and binding your system to spend “alternative” sources of energy – those persistent fat deposits around your waistline, on your arms, or on your legs. Over the whole, losing weight is more a marathon than a sprint, especially if you want to keep the extra pounds off for good. That said, irrespective of whether you choose to focus more on dieting or exercising, arm yourself with patience and get ready for a long-term effort!

• The Way Your Body Stores Fat is Dictated by Genetics

No matter how hard you may be trying to lose that fat, you should understand that it won’t just magically vanish from one particular place on your body. Among other things, gender, age, and genetic background are all factors with a strong say in the way you lose weight. For example, if you are a male, abdominal fat is probably the last fat to go in response to your efforts. If you are a female, the last places you’ll likely see improvements in are the hips and buttocks. Does any of that sound familiar?

Just like so many other people before you, you too may have probably noticed these patterns by now and must have tried hard to fight them, with little or no results at all. This is due to the ’cause-and-effect’ logic being far more complex with weight loss than it is with other things. Almost counter-intuitively, training your abs doesn’t necessarily lead to less fat on your belly, just like working out your arms at the gym doesn’t help much with burning the fat covering the muscles you are toning.

As with any other biochemical process in your body, how much, how fast, and more importantly, where you lose fat is broadly a matter of genetics, gender and age. Therefore, to see results in the areas you are targeting, you will need to embrace a holistic approach to weight loss and to embark on a sustained, long-term race. It may not sound very encouraging at first, but it’s the truth.

• Adopting a Whole-Body Approach to Weight Loss

Really losing weight can be brought down to three simple elements: a healthy diet that’s (slightly) low on calories, plenty of physical exercise, and a healthier, “fat-proof” lifestyle – which could mean anything from saying no to your sedentary habits to getting more sleep or relieving undue stress in your life.

Whichever way you look at it, there are no shortcuts to fat loss, so you can forget about miracle pills and other gimmicks that claim to eliminate fat from one specific area of your body. Since it provides no sustainable benefits, you may also want to avoid cosmetic surgery – undergoing liposuction not only is expensive and inconvenient, the effects of such procedures wear off rather quickly and the health risks involved just aren’t worth it.

If you want to get rid of excess fat, do it the proper way: through diet, exercise and a healthier lifestyle, not through cosmetic surgery, wonder pills and other things that promise much and deliver little. Losing weight where it counts takes real work, and nothing out there can replace that.

Source by Shawn Easterling