Build Muscle

Great New Discovery Helps You Build Muscles Lightning Fast

Trying to build muscles can certainly be a tall order. Fortunately there are some shortcuts that we can take through some knowledge of sports physiology. You will build muscles faster than normal with these shortcuts. Secret number one is that you don’t have to spend hours each day working every muscle. In the old days you couldn’t build muscles quickly. Hitting the gym each day for three to four hours at a time was the main thing you did.

You wouldn’t workout at night and you would give yourself one day off from the gym per week.

A common assumption from other athletes in the old days was that if you got too muscular you would sacrifice your flexibility.

But for those athletes that ignored this notion not only did they become witness to their strength levels increasing but their flexibility as well.

Fortunately this got the attention of trainers who then began to start taking a serious look at weight training and its potential to build muscles. The positive results they began to share soon inspired other trainers to adopt weight training into their routines and this eventually carried over into all the other major sports.

As sports physiology emerged as a science, the approach to weight training became more scientific.

Bodybuilders took notice and as a result began to be smarter about their workouts, looking for shortcuts to build muscles faster. They were still spending too much time in the gym, only now it was only half the time they were before. How did they go about doing this? Exercises within their routines were looked at to figure out the best methods for building muscles quicker.

What researchers came to realize is that if the muscles are not allowed to rest after strenuous workouts, they become over trained and unable to develop.

Nowadays if bodybuilders are going to work their muscle groups to exhaustion, they’re encouraged to only do so once per week. Of course you won’t be able to completely isolate just one muscle as you workout, but that’s to be expected. It’s only on the specific day that you targeted a particular muscle that it gets worked to exhaustion. Taking this road allows you to build muscles quicker than you would have thought possible.

Total body soreness will no longer be something you have to put up with since your muscles will be getting ample rest and recovery.

Another advancement in bodybuilding was the discovery that working a muscle to failure on each exercise was plenty to tear it down. The protein taken in would mostly be used for tissue repair rather than making it bigger.

The other part of building muscle quickly is sound nutrition. A common belief is that bodybuilding is 80% diet, and although this might not be absolutely accurate it’s not far off.

In order for bodybuilders to build muscle quickly, 25% of calories should come from both animal and vegetable protein. As far as carbohydrates are concerned, you should only really be eating the complex variety as well as those veggies that are high in protein to. 25% of your diet should be made up of fats and fiber. Try to keep caffeine and alcohol consumption to a minimum and completely avoid refined sugars and carbs. The diet should also have some form of high quality protein powder, eggs, and glandular tablets. Wheat germ oil is also worth taking a look at since it’s great for helping the body process protein and boosting endurance.

To summarize, working smarter not harder will give you the results you seek faster. Getting sufficient rest is just as important as working out and eating the right diet is probably the most important element of all.

Source by Christian Sobers