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Facts on DHEA and Building Muscle Mass

You hear different opinions about the value and importance of DHEA for muscle mass building. I want to give you short overview on what exactly DHEA does do in the process of creating new high quality muscle mass and how you can benefit from using it. Be sure you do not need to use DHEA unnecessarily but you can accelerate your building muscle mass results if you decide adding this supplement to your diet. Thing is that supplement companies do not give you whole information package because their main goal is to sell their products. So, here is what should be enough for you to know in order to have complete picture.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is made in continuous cycles from the adrenal glands. It's made of cholesterol, under the influence of adrenocorticotrophic hormone from the pituitary. DHEA is the fundamental material used to produce all your steroid hormones in the body including testosterone and estrogen.

DHEA is essential for the body's internal "maintenance" alarm system you can call it so. DHEA is vital for the daily replication of body cells and production of sex hormones. Without sufficient amount of DHEA, cellular damage slowly increases until disease becomes a risk. DHEA promotes strong immune system and therefore health by helping to prevent this cumulative damage.

However, DHEA levels tempt to decline as aging advances. Just imagine, DHEA levels start to decline already about age of 30. If you measure DHEA as sulfates its easy to determine that the average blood level of DHEA declines by about 50% of its level with each passing decade.

Now the whole point is that we have good news for you reg. DHEA. Research and testing are showing that for most people proper supplementation with 50-100 milligrams of DHEA daily will maintain their DHEA sulfate level within or near the level normal to healthy body at the age of 30.

Serious research is done in this area. Therefore many people claim we can be sure that this amount is completely safe from all sides and may provide a number of physiological benefits such as improved body composition, muscle strength and blood hormone profiles. It is also proved that any healthy person over 40 should definitely consider supplementing with DHEA. But it should be considered very carefully and in consultation with the physician.

Also I can not hide from you the fact is I personally know a number of successful sportsman and weight lifters who never used DHEA. When I started my building muscle mass quest I had a hard time to gain new lean muscle. And solution which made me pack 45 lbs of lean muscle to on my body in 8 months was not DHEA or any other supplement.

When I started doing things properly and following proven lose fat gain muscle system, things changed. This is not dependent on your desire or capacity to pay for expensive supplements and therefore I like it even more. When you have something so valuable you want to share it with others and this is why I give away free building muscle mass report and videos so anyone can see the potency of principals I practice and teach. OK, genetic code we all carry makes the difference between us in many aspects we face everyday including building muscle mass. But basic principals you depend on are the same and thousands of thousands of people prove how powerful results are being generated when you got to know them little more and start applying them in your workouts.

Source by Sasa James