Build Muscle

Build Muscle – How to Build Muscle and Get Ripped Abs

If you've already build the body you are looking for but are just struggling to finally achieve a set of ripped abs then you are going to need to use a very specific approach.

Getting ripped abs does take some time as it's not only going to depend on your ability to build muscle, but also on whether or not you have too much fat covering those six pack abs. Regardless of how built those abs are underneath your skin, if you've got a thick protective layering on top, you're not going to be seeing them.

Below the steps you need to take on your quest to get ripped abs.

Cardio Training

You've probably been laying off the cardio training in order to max out your ability to build muscle.

Most people know by now that large volumes of cardio and high amounts of muscle mass do not go together.

That said, now it's time to make room for some cardio in your program. This is going to be best accomplished through sprint training. Sprint training will enable you to burn the most fat while you are sitting around for the rest for the rest of the day.

Who does not love burning fat while watching their favorite TV show? Slow, boring cardio is no longer the method of choice among most top trainers.

Weighted Ab Work

In addition to removing that layer of fat you have covering your abs, you're also going to want to work on bringing out the definition in your actual ab muscles.

This will be best accomplished with weighed ab work over the standard crunches that are typically in most people's ab workout programs.

As an additional benefit, by doing weighed ab work you will also more importantly strengthen your abs, which will go a long way towards injury prevention.

A Proper Diet

Finally the last ingredient to getting six pack abs is going to be getting on a diet that includes enough protein and then moderate amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

Some will choose to bring their carbs and fats lower than others, and this will depend on how fast you want to lose that fat.

One thing that is certain though, you should never lower your protein to less than one gram per pound of body weight each day, otherwise you might actually start to lose muscle tissue.

So, if getting ripped abs is important to you, make sure these three steps are a part of your program. If they are not, it's time you make some changes.

Source by Shannon Clark